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Understand SLAC's Internal Selection Process and find available research funding.

Funding Opportunities

Internal Selection Process

SLAC Limited Submissions (LS)

An internal selection process becomes necessary when a sponsor limits the number of submissions made by an institution. This process can also be triggered when SLAC management requires internal vetting before submissions. 

This process takes place at the pre-proposal stage. The Office of the Chief Research Officer (OCRO) facilitates the SLAC process.  For the process after the pre-proposal stage, please consult with the finance office in your directorate.

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Decision Tree

Proposal Solicitations

Understand SLAC's internal decision process for funding opportunity proposal solicitations.

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Additional Funding Opportunities

Find more funding opportunities available through SLAC, affiliates, and government organizations.


Prior approval by the individual's supervisor or ALD is required before submitting proposals to a sponsor.